Working Through Second Thoughts and Sheer Panic When Buying On A Home

Dated: October 12 2020

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The closing date is looming and you’re beginning to have second thoughts about the home you’ve chosen to buy. The home checks off everything on your list, but you’re wondering about the cost, your ability to keep payments up in the future, and whether you’re basing the decision on common sense – or emotions.


Of all the purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, there are likely none that will drain your emotions and question your financial sense like purchasing a home – especially if you’re a first-time buyer.


Emotions that range from excited when you first decide you’re going to search for a home – to sheer panic when it’s time to sign on the dotted line – are all part of the home-buying process.


But, if you’ve done your research and have chosen a good lender you should be able to turn to them for advice and listen to their knowledge and experience to help you overcome those second thoughts and heart-thumping panic.


It’s all so overwhelming – looking at possibly dozens of properties, calculating figures and finances, packing and dealing with tons of information about facts, warnings, and deadlines they’ve never experienced before.


Although most buyers are anxious to wrap it up as soon as possible and move into their new home, there are so many legal and realty issues to deal with it can be overwhelming and frustrating.


Keep in mind that the reason you hired a real estate agent is to help you maneuver through these issues. They’re the experts and they’ll be more than happy to hold your hand and guide you through the entire process.


Sometimes just the thought of the debt you’re about to take on can burst that euphoric bubble you once felt about purchasing the property. You may be wondering whether you should have chosen that other house you liked – but declined because it didn’t have granite countertops. After all, it was in a great neighborhood.


You may have been outbid on the first home you made an offer on. That’s a devastating experience, but with your real estate agent’s help, you can soon find another that you like just as well – maybe even better.


All the waiting for answers from sellers, lenders, inspectors, and a host of other information involved in buying a home may finally be taking its toll and by the time all is approved and waiting for you to sign the contract – you’re in sheer panic mode.


Now is the time to step away for a while – as long as it takes to be a bit introspective and realize that you’ve just achieved the “dream.” You’re now a homeowner and you can rest easy that you’ve consulted with the right people and gone through the recommended process – now you can pick up the shiny new keys and go – home.


When you’re ready I’m here for you! I promise to help make the process as easy as possible and walk you through each step.



Signing off!


Your Jacksonville Realtor,


Dr. Adrian A. Gentry,

Dr. Real Estate Jax

(904) 414-2274

Sieva Realty


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