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I am a first time home buyer, a single mother, and like anyone else, I had a dream of one day owning a home.

I had a strict budget and I knew absolutely nothing about buying a house. My sister works one-on-one with several realtors and lenders but didn't hesitate to recommend Sieva Realty after seeing first hand how great of an experience a client of theirs recently had. Immediately, they began educating me about the entire process and referred me to a loan officer. This process was significantly less stressful with Adrian’s help! He was excellent at communicating with me every step of the way and I could see without a doubt he was 100% committed to helping me find the home of my dreams. It was truly a pleasure working with someone with such professionalism while still being personable, passionate about what they do, and not to mention patient. It took me over a year... yes y'all... a whole year to find exactly what I wanted and in my budget. Never did I feel like I wasn't being taken seriously or rushed because of how much time was spent searching, even though Adrian has taken me to see so many houses and answered so many of my questions. I honestly can’t imagine my experience being any better! I’m so happy I trusted Sieva Realty in helping me achieve my goal of being a homeowner. I wholeheartedly recommend Adrian for all of your home buying needs. I can’t thank him enough for making this dream possible for my daughter and I!

Kaylin Huff

I contacted Adrian to be my realtor and my house was listed and under contract within 2 weeks and closed within 30 days for more than the asking price!

He was knowledgeable, energetic, professional, passionate and patient throughout the process! I was worried about finding a place after my house sold. That was not a problem because he also helped me to find a place to rent after my home went under contract. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor!

Ebony Williams

This brother is on point and knows his craft well.

He figures out what it is that interests you and then he goes about making it happen. He is very knowledgeable about the surroundings of Jacksonville and the culture behind it. I would highly recommend Mr. Gentry to anyone who is looking to buy a new home. He fights for his clients and looks out for their best interests. He made my 1st home buying experience something worth remembering and taught me many things to look out for along the way.

Jay Parker
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"Adrian was amazing to work with. We had a short window to move and Adrian made sure to only show us quality homes. Adrian’s knowledge of the area and the quality of homes ensured we did not end up with a lemon. I’m recommending him to all my family members who move to the Jacksonville, FL area."
5 /5.0
by johnnj86
"Adrian has been a friend on social media for years, and when I was in the market to buy a house in Tampa, he was my first call. Even though it was a three hour ride for him, he graciously helped us through the whole process. He even helped me stay calm through some turbulence with the new construction build. He and his team steeped up when I needed someone to have my back. I definitely appreciated that and would recommend him to anyone. Especially those looking in the Jacksonville area. Thanks Doc!"
5 /5.0
by teamupinc
"Dr. Gentry is THE person you need on your team when looking to purchase a home. He and his team listened to my long-term requirements/needs and came up with a strategy for me. He remained vigilant and focused (when I wanted to bail out) and stuck to the plan! Because of his persistence, grit, and knowledge, he saved me $18k and kept fighting until we closed! You can trust Dr. Gentry - he is the G.O.A.T of real estate!!!!"
5 /5.0
by newwayfinancials
"I found Adrian on Youtube. I don't remember how, but that's where I found him. HIs videos were entertaining and humorous and he seemed like a genuine, down to earth guy. More importantly he knew the Jacksonville market very well, which is what my husband and I were looking for, because we were relocating from out of state and didn't know a lot about the area. After the initial intake where he asked what we were looking for, budget, etc. we scheduled a date to see houses. When he arrived he had his colleague Janell Wright with him. She and I communicated via email during the intake process; I didn't realize she would join us for house hunting. But I'm glad she did because Adrian and Janell are an awesome team. From the moment we met in person, we clicked. They both were so personable, accommodating, and entertaining. It was like having your cousins as your realtors... your well connected, rock star realtor cousins that is.My husband and I identified four areas of the city were we wanted to live, but we didn't know what kind of house we wanted. So we saw a lot of houses...at least 30, but it was probably more. Each time we came down to look at houses, Adrian and Janell gave us the same energy as our first outing. They didn't get frustrated when we wanted to see a house a for the second or third time or when the list of houses kept growing. They were committed to finding "our house" and seemed truly excited about the process. Once we found "our house", Adrian new immediately. He said my husband's walk changed...his entire energy changed. I didn't pick up on his reaction immediately, but Adrian did. That's a good realtor!After finding the house some negotiating was required to get to the purchase price we wanted. Adrian and Janell guided us through that process and did all the heavy lifting. Ultimately, we came to an agreeable number, which was significantly lower the original list price.They continued to be engaged through the underwriting process with our lender. Janell was a sounding board when I frustrated and discouraged. We finally get to closing and everything went smoothly. I know that realtors often buy their clients a closing gift, so I expected to receive something. However, I was completely surprised when Adrian brought in a lemon tree in to the conference room. I mentioned that I wanted a lemon tree when we were house hunting. Little did I know Adrian paid attention to my comment and gave me the most thoughtful gift. I'm so grateful that I found Adrian. I know our home buying journey would not have been as enjoyable without him and Janell. We found a house that we love and made friends at the same time. We could not have asked for a better experience."
5 /5.0
by Zinnaeah Ambrose
"We recently had the pleasure of working with Adrian to help us find our forever home and he was outstanding. His local knowledge and advice is invaluable. He spent a lot of time getting to know us and what we desired in our property. Really no one knows the lay of the land like he does. He had a great way of breaking down the process for us when it came to putting in our offer and what things we could reasonably ask for. We felt well equipped for what to expect and understood what we needed to do after speaking to him. Exploring neighborhoods and looking at homes with him and Janelle was a pleasurable experience. We were blown away with all the local knowledge and neat places they showed us. Our housing hunts were always conveniently structured and well-organized. Adrian has a lot of contacts and can fit things in on the fly as well. Though we started the process from nearly 2000 miles away, we actually found the right home for us very quickly once we arrived in Florida. We went under contract very soon after. Adrian was always cool, calm, and collected which served to ease our own concerns during this time. Our closing went super smoothly--Adrian and Janelle had us feeling we were in secure hands throughout the duration.It is a process to buy your home and very personal--trust in your realtor is crucial. Adrian has proven to be a seasoned pro who knows his craft and handled our home with the utmost care. Our experience couldn't have been a more pleasant one. We simply cannot recommend him enough!"
5 /5.0
by user527353
"Adrian and his team were a true blessing throughout our move. They were very prompt and professional while still making us feel like family. His services did not end at the closing table. He checked on us to make sure we were getting properly settled and offered local contacts that we needed to maintain our new home. HIS TEAM WAS THE DIFFERENCE IN OUR EXPERIENCE!!!"
5 /5.0
by Grier Dabney
"We would like to say thank you to Adrian and his assistant Janelle for all there hard work helping us find our new home. After watching numerous video's on You Tube Adrian made about Jacksonville and surrounding area's, we contacted him a couple months and a few more times before we relocated from Idaho. We let him know when we would arrive in town, so we scheduled a time to start our house hunting. With all there help and knowledge of the market and the different area's we found our new home and made new friends. Thanks again and what an awesome job.Eddie and Naundis"
5 /5.0
by retiredusn03
"Effortless experience buying our home in Jacksonville with Adrian. We had an appointment set up with another realtor who was just awful and wasted our time. Thankfully Adrian was willing to meet us right away on his day off since we were from far out of town. I fully recommend him and definitely will be doing business with him again in the future."
5 /5.0
by Wes Auguste
"As a first time homebuyer this process was really intimidating from the beginning. As we tried to look for homes on our own in an area we had zero knowledge about we got really overwhelmed. Once we found Dr. Gentry it all changed. He single handedly made this process simple and almost painless. He walked us through the whole process of buying our new home and even gave us video walk throughs of the home and neighborhoods when we couldn’t be there. Being an Active duty military family moving across the globe we had 100% faith in Dr. Gentry in securing our dream home and he did not disappoint. He found us the exact house that we wanted, with the schools we wanted, with the amenities we wanted, and within our budget. We are grateful to have this man in our lives and will forever be grateful to him."
5 /5.0
by dmckelva
"Adrian was excellent to work with. Patient, knowledgeable, dependable, understanding, and helpful the whole way through. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. My process took longer than usual but he was there every step of the way!"
5 /5.0
by Brittany Dunlap
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